Performance. Reliability. Simplicity.

The DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions approach provides business value for everyone from network administrators to global CIO’s. Built upon a scalable infrastructure foundation, platform services can be configured and deployed quickly and efficiently, at any time, whether in a department or throughout the entire business. Our comprehensive catalogue of services delivers the experience, efficiency, control, and security that customers demand, transforming systems from a cost of doing business to a platform for innovation and business advantage.

DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions are based on a fully distributed architecture that support the requirements of today’s demanding mission-critical services. Unlike other systems where the underlying infrastructure is 100% IT server-centric, the DVNITSOLUTIONS platform is designed to distribute all features, system intelligence, and configuration across all solution components, providing appliance level independence, and application operation redundancy. Though DVNITSOLUTIONS solutions are deployed in diverse and complex environments, they do not impact IT resources, avoiding the complications that occur in large-scale integration.

Our highly scalable platform provides users with a comprehensive set of core and specialty services that streamline silos of processes and information to improve alignment across your operations. You’ll create a high-performing organization with the agility to quickly adapt to changing conditions, the ability to improve outcomes, and the insight to grow operating margins.

Information you can trust, where and when you need it

DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions streamline and accelerate the process of gathering information, making it visible to everyone who needs it. Accurate documentation of who, what, when, where, and how enables organizations to control the key business processes that you rely on to manage your business.


The DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions are a set of best in breed components that work together better than any other point solution.

DVNITSOLUTIONS Dynamic Positioning System

The DVNITSOLUTIONS Dynamic Positioning System technology has been developed to maintain continuous room-level location and activity statistics on all instrumented individuals and assets within an organization.

Information collected by the system can be accessed at any time through our enterprise dashboard and reporting engine, providing users with immediate access to the most important information – who, what, where, and when.

Location based services have become a requirement for most organizations across many industries; healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, and others. Simply knowing where an entity is located is not enough for most applications. The value in an RTLS investment is when the location information is used to provide real-time and historical analytical services used as mission-critical component of everyday business such as:

  • Life-safety and patient flow in Healthcare
  • Student tracking and security lock-down in Education
  • Process automation in Manufacturing
  • Loss prevention and just-in-time inventory management in Retail

The DVNITSOLUTIONS Dynamic Positioning System incorporates enterprise class wireless and sensor technologies with a distributed, fault tolerant, architecture that guarantees accuracy and reliability of location services and collection of health measurements.

  • 455KHz Infrared (IR) providing room-level location accuracy within 15m/50ft radius
  • 125 KHz Low Frequency (LF) Wireless for sub-room level accuracy within 1.5m/5ft in radius
  • Specialized sensors (floor, bed, chair, asset) for exact location accuracy
  • Active RFID IR Enabled devices for individuals & assets

Smart Event Logic

Moving at the Speed of Business: DVNITSOLUTIONS Smart Event Logic conducts analysis of real-time event data and provides assessment of singular, sequential, and non-sequential events to ensure the best resultant action is taken by the system given any situation. Organizations have the flexibility to define logic within the DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions to optimize efficiencies while maintaining the highest level of safety and security.

Logical Building Separation:

DVNITSOLUTIONS Smart Event Logic begins with logical building separation. Facility infrastructure is defined into categories of floors, zones, rooms and doors.

Controlled Access:

Each instrumented entity; individual or asset, within the DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions is configured with a unique profile of rules. Each profile is provided with specific permission-based access level to each of the facility doors, rooms, and zones – down to the door level control.

Dynamic Situation Based Access:

Although rules are defined per entity, real world situations are not isolated to single entity events. Authorized individuals can escort individuals with limited permissions. Emergency evacuation situations override all rules allowing for immediate exit. The system can even be programmed for different rule profiles depending on the calendar date and time.

System Override Events:

All instrumented devices loaded to the platform are continuously monitored for both location and device status. Each device can be programmed to provide alerts to the system that will trigger override actions by the system such system-wide alerts and full facility lock-down. Examples of this are patient bracelet tamper (Healthcare) and teacher man-down duress (Education).

Big Data, Reporting, & Business Intelligence

A fully instrumented organization will produce 10’s of 1,000’s of data entries per minute. The DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions are designed to capture, curate, manage, and process this data and provide real-time statistics, comprehensive reporting, and business intelligence insight in a simple and usable format to drive business efficiency.

Whether deployed in an entire facility, throughout a wing, or on a floor, the DVNITSOLUTIONS platform solutions have a positive impact for everyone in the organization from the administrative staff to C-Level management. Depending on level of permissions within the system, users have access to:

  • Full Management Dashboard
  • Facility Level Alerts and Status Information
  • Advanced Report Builder & Generator
  • Scheduled Subscription-Based Reports
  • Advanced Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis