1. Requirement Gathering & Analysis

First step is to discover and define your business needs and goals

We meet the client in person or either virtually through Skype or Whatsapp to discuss about the project requirement in detail. During this meeting we take time to understand your business, expectations and the objectives. Then we will share our ideas and walk through with all requirements and functionalities to make sure we both are in same page. Once we both agreed on the project goals we will deliver the project plan and the cost based on your budget. After we both agreed to proceed to the next step, 20% of the initial payment needs to be deposited to start the project. Then we will provide access to our 24 X 7 support ticketing system to view the progress of your project and to communicate with the team.


2. Planning & Prototype Development

Drawing up wireframes for each page/screen.

As we understood your project requirement, now it’s time to figure out how to lay them out. One of the great advantages of wire framing is that it saves lot of time & effort by conveying an early visual of the project and mainly before investing efforts. Wireframe ensures that all the components of the system are positioned correctly based on the user and business needs. As the project moves forward they can be used as a good dialogue between members of the project team to agree on the project vision and scope. We will make revisions to finalize the wireframe and the approved wireframe will take to implement the design concepts.


3. Designing

Converting wireframes into design compos

Now it’s time to determine the look and feel of your site based on the approved wireframe. Our designer will create one or more prototype designs for your project. This is typically an image of what the final design will look like. The most important reason for this is that it gives you the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on the site design. In this phase, communication between both client and our designer is crucial to ensure that the final website or mobile app will match your needs and taste. It is important that you work closely with our designer, exchanging ideas, until you arrive at the final design for your website or mobile app.


4. Development

Where you start to see your ideas become alive.

Once the design has been finalized, it is time to execute the design. Built with clean and semantic mark-up, compliance, standards and accessibility in mind, we utilize varying technology and resources to execute the project. During this stage our development team will develop the project by understanding the requirements and by utilizing all the design elements finalized. After each milestone the project will be delivered to you for review and comments. For websites, we will deploy the project in our demo server for your review. For mobile apps, we will share the development build to install on your own devices to review. For some of the platforms you may need to share your mobile device information to prepare the build. You can make any number or review until you satisfy with the deliverables.


5. Testing

Verification and Validation of all the components

Our testing team will sit with the entire team who are all involved in the project including the project manager to understand the complete functionality of the project and to determine the objectives including timeline. We’ll also check to be sure that the code has been written as per the standards with clean and comment. Testing will vary depends upon the project type. For Example, if it is a web development then we do test in all major browsers for compatibility check including mobile devices. For Mobile applications each and every screen will be tested in real devices before delivering the app for your review.


6. Launch

Making the project live for end user access

The big day arrives, that marks the official launch of your project. After all the reviews and testing is completed and of course once we got the green signal from you for Live server deployment or App Store/Market Submission (for mobile apps) we will verify and make sure the project checklist is completed before making the project live. Once the project successfully launched, we will monitor the Website/App closely to make sure nothing breaks in the live environment.


7. Support and Maintenance

3 Months free support & maintenance

We ensure that you’re happy with the final product, and we realize that development of your project is not necessarily over. We offer support and training as well to handle the project. We offer 3 months of free support if there are any issues/changes in the final product as long as there will be no functional change. During the 3 months support period we will make minor changes as per your request and will charge additional cost if any major changes need to be made and are more than 2 hour to complete