Why Us


 We’re tied to your needs.

Anyone that’s worked with us before knows we’re obsessed with ROI. This obsession ensures that we’re always staying tied to your needs. We don’t build anything your business doesn’t need. This takes a bit more time upfront – asking lots of questions, interviewing different people, and proposing multiple solutions. But guess what? Our process works. Remember – custom software is expensive…so if it doesn’t work for your business, it really doesn’t matter.

 We’re ruthlessly efficient with your budget.

Custom software is expensive and, unfortunately, cost overruns are common in our industry. At DVN ITSOLUTIONS, we see ourselves as stewards of your budget. In fact, we define a scope of work upfront that matches your initial capital. We never promise more scope than your budget can handle…that’s just dishonest. Our approach with your money is simple – we’ll make sure there’s enough capital for a strong first release and then try to squeeze as much value as possible out of that initial budget. It’s important to us that the value we provide significantly outweighs the fees we charge.

 We hate surprises.

Roughly 60-70% of all software projects fails their deliveries. With DVN ITSOLUTIONS process, everything we do is about de-risking software development upfront, before a line of code is ever written. Not only do we strive to gain a deep understanding of your business needs, but every team has a plan that’s communicated to all stakeholders. While we’re certainly adaptable to changes in your business or market, we guarantee you’ll never be surprised by cost or schedule overruns after-the-fact. We work diligently upfront, and along the way, to adjust our forecasts so we identify risks and anticipate issues before, not after, they happen.

 We never outsource or offshore.

We’ve seen first-hand the dilemmas of working with offshore teams. We know how important it is to work with a team you can trust and is easy to work with. We go to great lengths to attract, hire and retain the software talent in the state of Texas. In fact, we’ve interviewed over 1,200 candidates to assemble our dream team. With an office in San Mateo, CA, we offer close proximity to Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas without the big city price tag.

 We bring the whole team.

When our clients engage us in an customized application development, they benefit from the collective experience, expertise, and creativity of our entire team. If someone on our team encounters a challenge, they have all of our internal and external resources at their disposal to overcome it quickly. Our team isn’t the biggest, but we have a track record of success on over 200 projects to back up our big talk. You can be sure we know what it takes to consistently deliver successful custom software projects.

 We’re insanely easy to work with.

We are committed to being the easiest, most flexible and most convenient team you’ve ever worked with. Our team is local, professional and friendly. We never use complicated tech jargon and we see it as our job to learn about your business, not the other way around. You never have to go through a manager to communicate with your team. Each of our team members (junior to senior) is empowered to directly communicate with the clients they serve. We believe that long-term success is achieved through great relationships.

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